Where To Now?

Lately, almost every person I’ve talked to has asked me where I’m going to next. It has been kind of fun to have people assume that I’m just going to keep traveling around the world. I was strongly considering flying to Central or South America, especially with how cheap the tickets were that I was looking at. I could fly to Guatemala City(one-way) for $150, get to Panama for $165, and get to Bogota, Columbia for around $195. If you haven’t booked a flight with Spirit Airlines before, I strongly recommend them if price is your primary concern. They charge for anything extra, but if you can pack everything into a backpack like the North Face Surge that I use and love, then they have some amazing deals.

Anyway, although I was seriously considering traveling to one of those countries, I’ve started to get a little anxious to keep spending money without making income. It’s true that I haven’t been spending much more money than I would be if I was living somewhere, but I’ve reached that point where I’d like to make some money. Besides, when I started traveling a couple months ago, my main goal was to figure out how to create a business or job that I could run from anywhere. I found out that it wasn’t too easy for me to be focused and build out businesses while I was on the road, so I’ve decided to move somewhere to establish some consistency to help me do so.

This was a very hard decision for me to come to because I didn’t want to pass up a great opportunity to travel while I had the chance. It seems that once we get in a set routine and have commitments, it’s so much easier to come up with excuses and reasons as to why we can’t travel. However, ultimately, I’d like to build a lifestyle to where travel is something I’m capable of doing whenever the urge hits me. In order for this to happen, I’ve got to settle down and hit it hard for a good while. So, now is that time.

I’ve decided to move to Washington DC because I really loved it there when I visited. The main problem with DC is that it’s fairly expensive to live there. If you read much from the blogs of lifestyle entrepreneurs, you’ll come across this idea of baselining. I’ve linked to an episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast that explains the concept a bit. Basically, it’s this idea that you should reduce your living expenses as much as you possibly can to buy as much time as possible to build a business.

Often, the suggestion is to move to southeast Asia or some country where the cost of living is very low. Well, moving to DC isn’t necessarily the best decision as far as baselining is concerned. Because of that, I’ve been trying to look at alternative ways to get really cheap or free housing. I’ve found live-in opportunities on craigslist, I’ve looked into working at a hostel, and I’ve even debated for how long I could potentially live in my car. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do at this point, but I’ll figure it out soon enough :)


P.S. Oh, and like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I spent these last few weeks getting rid of as much of my stuff as I possibly could. The photo I’ve attached shows all of my possessions and how they all fit in the trunk of my car. The process was painful, but I’m so stoked to be rid of all the junk I’ve been carrying around forever.

Where to Now

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  • Steve says:

    I think you should provide services to people that will let you sleep on their sofa or in their spare bedroom in exchange. The list of services you could provide is endless. The first things I thought of were pretty traditional things: yardwork, errands, cleaning, computer/website help, etc. However, I’m sure there are some very unique things you could do, like record people’s life stories and then prepare an mp3’s for their posterity. Or, you could try to help people plan amazing weekend trips.

  • Samantha says:

    Good luck! I hope you can find an awkward friend there!

  • Aaron Anderson says:

    Steve, you inspired me! Haha, well, I was already thinking along those lines anyway, but your comment pushed me over the edge to make a craigslist advertisement. It’s kind of ridiculous, but see my advertisement here: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/sha/3755363496.html

    I’m talking to a few people right now, but I’m thinking of making a new one and posting it. Also, I thought that if I can’t find someone I might go knocking doors and approach people that way. We’ll see what happens

  • Aaron Anderson says:

    Thanks Sam. We both know that it just won’t be possible to find as awkward of a friendship that we share. You’ll just forever get to be my awkward friend.

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