I’m Still Alive and Well

I know, I haven’t written anything on this blog in a while. In fact, I’ve had a few friends and family reach out to me with concern because of my absence both on this blog and in social media. However, I’m still alive and well and I have not yet been raped or murdered while hitch hiking, couch surfing, or making random friends off of craigslist.

Washington DC has been great to me so far, and I’ve really been enjoying living on the east coast and getting to experience a new city and area. I’ve been pretty focused on trying to learn SEO and figure out ways to make money from my laptop. However, I have been struggling to decide whether time I spend blogging is actually time well spent. In the beginning, I think I had this idea that if I shared my experiences that I would somehow be able to help others who find themselves in similar situations. Also, I’ve found that talking or writing things out for others to read and analyze has often helped me to learn and grow as I’ve received feedback from others who have different insights to give.

It’s a nice idea, but the problem is that all of us are so different that one person’s experience should be taken just as that, one person’s experience. As I’ve struggled to find fulfillment in the workplace, I’ve enjoyed talking and discussing with lots of different people about how they’ve come to enjoy what they do. Some have decided that all work sucks and that you should just find work that sucks less. Others have found something they’re completely passionate about and that they want to do for the rest of their lives. Still others have found a hobby they love, like skiing or surfing, so they just get a job waiting tables and spend all of their free time with the hobby they love.

Listening to the experiences of many has led me to believe that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to any of this. I remember the janitor from my high school who would whistle while he worked and seemed to know more students than the majority of the faculty. He was just a happy guy. I have no idea how much he liked the actual work he did, but regardless he exuded positivity and happiness to everyone he met. I’ve also met the entrepreneur who feels totally strangled and bored by a job and just wants to build something of value. I love talking to a variety of people because everyone has an insight and idea about how they’ve found meaning and happiness in this life.

In fact, I have a friend who recommended some philosophy reading to me a few weeks ago, and it has been an interesting and educational experience for me. Having never studied philosophy in High School or College, it has given me a great insight into different ways of looking at the world and finding meaning in life. One of these philosophers talked about how humans are horrible at knowing what actually makes them happy. The book shared some examples of the typical logic that a human might use in seeking out happiness, and I could definitely relate. It’s just interesting how in all the progression of technology, we humans haven’t changed much over the years.

So, I guess the question for me is whether I should continue to clutter the interweb with one more opinion, one more experience, one more voice. I know there is a lot of crap out there, but I would rather create value and create something that could solve problems for people as opposed to just adding clutter to the mix.

The experiments and journey that I’ve been on since graduating have taught me a lot. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that there are a ton of problems that people face that I can relate to. The problem of deciding what to do with your life. The problem of hating your job. The problem of trying to find meaning or fulfillment in the workplace. The problem of wanting to be your own boss but not knowing how to make the transition.

I like to solve problems, and I think that writing a blog would make a lot more sense if it was solving a problem or filling a need, rather than just sharing experiences that may or may not do much to contribute.

Wow, so now I think I’ve convinced myself that this blog no longer serves a specific purpose, and as such, I should probably can it. This might be my last post. I guess we’ll see.

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